Software Update: Arbites 2-3-5 now available, brings along German, UK, Swedish, Danish input method displays and numerous bugfixes.

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A new version of Arbites is available, you could get it here! Here’s the official release notes, I’ve copied and pasted them below:

This patch is mostly a bugfix patch but also includes addition of several input method displays.

New Features:

  • Added UK input method display.
  • Added German input method display.
  • Added Swedish/Danish input method display.
  • Software now replaces previous version of input methods in non-portable versions of Arbites if a new version of Arbites is ran.


  • Sticky keys were misplaced in another tab in the key menu, it is now fixed.
  • Other keys were misplaced, it is now fixed.
  • The tapdance editor did not load the timeout configuration properly, it is now fixed.
  • Layer counts in the secondary side on split keyboards were not configured properly if there were more than 3 layers, this is now fixed.

Known Issues:

  • Certain Mac OS users were unable to run the mac bundle under Mac OS Sierra, a temporary workaround is available by downloading and running the Linux version of Arbites instead.

Batch Update: November-December batch starts shipping, should complete by 16th January. January batch slight delay due to Chinese New Year

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Just a quick update, the Late November-December batch starts shipping, everything should be shipped within a fortnight (16th) and all tracking numbers will be sent out before the 18th. As usual, photos will be posted once I’m done with the batch.

In other news, January batch may be slightly delayed (half a month to one month) due to the Chinese New Years, factories and manufactorum are closed for the Chinese New Year so I wouldn’t be able to obtain the order made materials during February.

Hardware Update: Diverge TM 2 released, bringing in better quality cases and backlight

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Yep, the Diverge TM 2 is finally officially released, its quite funny because the design and hardware and photos have been sitting on my shelf for the longest of time already, literally every single order of the Diverge TM from the end of August to now was upgraded to the Diverge TM 2. I just didn’t have the time to set up all the posts, firmware, documentation, etc. But now that I am relatively free, here it is!

You could also find the reddit discussion thread here.



Software Update: Arbites 2.3 released, configuration tools for tap dance, dual roles keys, sticky keys arrives.

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Yep, its finally here, now that I’ve caught up with the shipping schedule, I had some free time to finally get it done.

For more details, here‘s the patch notes and here‘s a guide on how to configure tap dance.

You could find Arbites from the official site here, I recommend that you follow the Getting Started Guide for installation.

Source code is available on GitHub under apache 2.0.

I’ll be heading to bed now.

Software update: Animus port to ARM processors started in preparations for Project Legio

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Development has started on porting Animus to the following 3 ARM based microcontrollers:

STM32 family

SAMD21 family

MSP432 family

This is in preparation for a to be announced project codenamed Legio for a next generation no compromises design.

The porting of Animus to non-Arduino specific platforms (Arduino works on some of the above listed uMs but Arduino isn’t very good for them) should be quite smooth as Animus is mostly C and utilises very little Arduino specific code other than its HID modules (which has analogues in the above uMs).

Software Dev Update: Animus Innova 2.3 completed, brings along tap dance, dual roles, sticky modifiers, Arbites configurator to be updated in 1-2 days.

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Hey, haven’t done a software dev blog in a while so I thought this is a good time, as part of the preparations for shipping of the September batch (which starts tomorrow), I bring you Animus Innova 2.3.

Version 2.3 brings along several quality of life improvements as well as some features additions, let’s go through the feature additions first:

Tap Dance

As per this reddit post, I’ve replicated the tap dance functionality from QMK within Animus, for those that are not familiar with the concept, tap dance allows one to assign multiple keys to a physical button, for example, press once to output “a,” press twice to output “b,” etc. Tap dance in Animus is saved in EEPROM as well and fully configurable.

Diving more into the more technical side of things, the default firmware configuration allows up to 20 tap dance keys and each key could hold up to 3 taps, I would have preferred it to be able to hold more taps but the 1024 bytes (of which 601 bytes are reserved for the keyboard layout) of EEPROM onboard the controllers is quite restrictive on how much data I could allocate for this, of course, one could custom bake their copy of Animus to allocate more space for tap dance just like any other modules within Animus. You could find the source file for tap dance here.

Dual Roles

Modular dual role keys (such as commaShift, spaceCtrl, etc) have always existed in Animus since 2.0 but it used an approach similar to the macro module where additional EEPROM was used for data binding where some of the bytes “wasted” in EEPROM acted as pointers, anyway, the new Dual Roles module has been completely rewritten and now does not take up any EEPROM, instead, it now utilises 20 out of the 256 keytype slots available instead, keytypes are an ample resource so I think this approach is better.

The dual roles keys are now normal “key” data structs taking up only 2 bytes instead of the previous 4, they are much easier to configure, functionally they are identical as before.

You could find the new source code over here.

Sticky Key

Sticky keys are nothing new, gamers all over the world hate it when they rapidly tap shift multiple times and that thing pops up and takes you out of the fullscreen application. Anyway, sticky keys were also actually in Animus Innova 2.0, but it also utilised EEPROM, a similar rewrite to the Dual Roles module was made, now sticky key only takes 1 keytype and no EEPROM to do its job.

Sticky keys allows you to tap your shift key, then tap your ctrl key, then press delete to perform the ctrl+shift+del combo, etc, basically it acts as a sort of toggle until a key is pressed for modifiers, in Animus, stickFn keys are also here to allow combinations of modifiers and layer switching.

You could find the source code to the sticky key module here.

Quality of Life Improvements

Bug from this thread fixed, now there’s consistent behaviour over modifiers and layer switching.

Layer stuck if the EEPROM layout is misconfigured bug fixed.