Download Arbites (For Diverge 1/2/3, Diverge TM 1/2, Terminus Mini 1/2, Terminus 1/2, Felix)

Download Arbites 3 Interim Configurator (For Diverge 4)

Please note the Configurator for the Diverge 4 is still a work in progress and is expected to completed by around 20th February, this interim configurator requires that you plug into each side of the Diverge 4 with the USB C cable to configure each side individually.

Please note that the right side Diverge 4 does not output keys when plugged in directly with the USB cable, this is intentional to prevent double pressing, the normal cable configuration for the Diverge 4 has the TRRS interconnect cable plugged into both sides, then the USB cable plugged in from the left side to the PC.

Source Code and Technical Documentation (GitHub)

Go to Arbites GitHub Page

Getting Started with Arbites (Please Read This)

Rebinding Keys with Arbites

Editing Macros with Arbites

Editing Tap Dance with Arbites

On Switching Layers in Animus

Important Notice: You have to update your device’s firmware if you purchased your device before 6th October 2016 for Animus Innova 2+ to work, you do not need to upload your own firmware otherwise since the firmware is installed by default.

Diverge, Diverge TM, Terminus Series Firmware Update Guide

Terminus Mini, Felix Firmware Update Guide


Arbites is UniKeyboard’s in-house key remapper software that allows anyone to remap their Animus based keyboards without touching a single line of code. It is hosted on github and is open source under a permissive license (Apache 2.0). Arbites is written with Eto.Forms/Mono and is fully cross-platform.

The configuration tool edits the on-board hardware persistent memory of your keyboard’s microcontroller, allowing you to configure your device once, and be able to use your layouts and macros anywhere without needing Arbites.

For a full list of features, check out the Animus page and the GitHub pages of both Animus and Arbites.