Payments and checkout currently down for maintenance and security update.

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The current site-wide SSL protocol is TLS 1.2 which is the latest version, whilst the paypal payment gateway was set to TLS 1.1 which is also currently supported and secure, but is getting phased by paypal in a few weeks, so I’m updating the paypal payment gateway to 1.2, it’ll take a while for that to happen so payments will be down for a couple of hours.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

Batch update: August batch all packed and ready to go, tracking number will be sent out on Monday, September batch to complete in one to two weeks.

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The August batch is finally completed, It’s currently the weekends so I couldn’t send them out, so they’ll be sent out on Monday, a tracking number will be sent to you once it’s shipped out, so please do let me know if you ordered in August and did not receive an email notification.

Some of the orders in the August batch had chosen keycaps that were out of stock, I will email you and let you know if I do not have your keycap choice in stock, in that case, I could replace your keycap set with something similar and ship it out, or we could wait for a few more days for my keycap restock order to come through, waiting for the original keycap option should only take around 3-4 days.

In other news, the September batch has started shipping and should complete in one to two weeks. (To be honest, it’ll probably take shorter than that but I want to under-promise and over-deliver)

Man, this has been a busy month with the office move and new product coming on the horizon, a new series of products will be launched by late November so I hope you guys will like it.

batch update: all May-June orders shipped, tracking numbers to be sent out shortly, July-August orders starts shipping now.

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Hey, it has been one hell of a week, I’m happy to announce that the May-June batch is fully completed and I’ll be sending out the tracking numbers in 24 hours via emails, for those of you who are part of this batch, please make sure to check your spam folder because these emails tend to get sent to the spam.

Also good news, the July-August batch is starting shipment and should run throughout the month.

I’ll go hit the hay now.

Animus 2.5 released, NKRO returns with improvements, mouse controls added, Arbites update upcoming, May-June batch update and general current state affairs updates

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It has been really busy for the past couple of months and I had been neglecting the blog for quite a bit, so I’m just giving a general update on everything, this blog post is divided into three parts below:

  • Animus/Arbites update details
  • May/June batch updates and current shipping statuses
  • General affairs

Animus update details

Animus 2.5 has been completed and is now being released, it brings a long a huge amount of backend improvements but the most apparent changes for end users will be the addition of mouse controls, the re-enabled and improved NKRO module, and BIOS/legacy compatibility for the new HID module.

A lot of the HID improvements are from nicehood, an Arduino code contributor. Here’s the official release with source code under Apache 2.0, a permissive license. Copy and pasted below are the official patch notes from GitHub.

New features:

  • Mouse Controls: Movement, scroll wheel controls, mouse clicks (left, right, middle, back, next)
  • New NKRO implementation from nicehood/HID
  • New HID keyboard implementation from nicehood/HID, works in BIOS

New features for developers:

  • HID code abstraction layer added to adopt different HID modules and libraries
  • Modified HID library from nicehood (source) now used as default HID module
  • Keyboard lock status now detectable in animus (capslock, scroll lock, number lock, etc)

QoL improvements:

  • Increased 30% gravitas

Arbites update details

Arbites 2.5 will be released in a day or two also with quite a few improvements, a firmware updater is now embedded in Arbites itself, it uses the 1200 baud reset trick on the Atmega32u4s and uploads precompiled hex binaries via AVRDUDE, this was a necessary improvement to allow easy firmware upload to existing devices because the new Animus 2.5 uses external libraries, making it a lot more complicated for non-technical users to update their firmware.

The firmware updater is quite well made and I really like how it turned out, firmware updates now take around 10-20 seconds instead of ~40-50 seconds via the Arduino IDE.

Mouse keys are added to the “specials” tab under the key menu of Arbites, allowing all the controls for the mouse.

May/June batch updates and current shipping statuses

May/June batch are still being shipped off at the moment, as most of you who emailed me know, I am currently moving offices at the moment and that’s causing a lot of delays on the May June batch, most orders should complete by the first week of September by the latest.

Once the office move is completed, the shipping period should reduce significantly since I can finally work in a dedicated place instead of in my living room with boxes filling up literally 75% of the living room. (Rent is very expensive in Hong Kong)

General Affairs

Just to give an update on what I am actually doing for the past months, here’s a general affairs update:

I am in contact with a bag/pouch manufacturer which specialises in making stuff like computer carrying cases, laptop sleeves, mousepads, and wrist-rests, I am hoping to create some custom carrying cases for the Diverges and also some custom wrist rests for some of the keyboards.

The next generation Animus 3.0 is getting developed and a part of that technology is getting transferred to the Animus 2.5 release, Animus 3.0 has been a pain in the arse to develop because I’m targeting STM32 microcontrollers and they are very hard to develop for if you want advanced HID capabilities with abstraction.

Project Legio’s CNC case designs and schematics are all finished, but I still need to work out the PCB trace and layout, hopefully a prototype of sorts could be done before the end of 2017.

Sick from Influenza and intestinal infections, there may be delays in email responses but there should be no significant delays with batch shipping progress

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Those of you who emailed or messaged me about the batch progress probably know by now, I’m just making an announcement so the rest could know too.

I’ve been down with the flue and intestinal infections (its really just diarrhea) ever since returning to Hong Kong and has been feeling really unwell for the past few days, I don’t have any diet for food, have vomited and have been shitting liquid for the past few days whilst being super light headed so needless to say, most work was stopped, sorry about that.

That being said there shouldn’t be much significant delays that weren’t caused by the Taiwan trip, most of the March-April orders were shipped, I just don’t have the health to deal with sending out the tracking number emails at the moment, I’ll have them dealt with shortly, assembled Diverge 3 orders might take slightly longer (1 to 2 days) to get shipped but other than that the other orders should be good to go.


20170610_191225 IMG-20170607-WA0005



Keycap Stock Update: All Tai-Hao keycaps restocked! For those who are on backorder for the new colourways (Carboon, Starry Night, etc), your order is shipping on Monday!

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Yep, I’ve received my stock from Tai-Hao, thanks based Tai-Hao!

I’ll be updating the system later to indicate the new stock levels, everyone who are on backorder could expect an email containing a tracking number to their package by Monday.

Below are the (literal ton) worth of keycaps in boxes received fresh this morning. By the way, shipping for them from Taiwan to my place costed 250 USD for those curious.


20170520_170554 20170520_170609