Batch update: August batch all packed and ready to go, tracking number will be sent out on Monday, September batch to complete in one to two weeks.

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The August batch is finally completed, It’s currently the weekends so I couldn’t send them out, so they’ll be sent out on Monday, a tracking number will be sent to you once it’s shipped out, so please do let me know if you ordered in August and did not receive an email notification.

Some of the orders in the August batch had chosen keycaps that were out of stock, I will email you and let you know if I do not have your keycap choice in stock, in that case, I could replace your keycap set with something similar and ship it out, or we could wait for a few more days for my keycap restock order to come through, waiting for the original keycap option should only take around 3-4 days.

In other news, the September batch has started shipping and should complete in one to two weeks. (To be honest, it’ll probably take shorter than that but I want to under-promise and over-deliver)

Man, this has been a busy month with the office move and new product coming on the horizon, a new series of products will be launched by late November so I hope you guys will like it.