Firmware related bugs seem to be causing lag and connectivity issues to the January-February batch, I am looking into it right now, solution should be ready in 48 hours, more details inside

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Hey, I am terribly sorry about this, but it appears that there is quite a significant group of people that are experiencing lag and connectivity issues on their keyboard this batch. I think it is very likely to be a firmware related issue that is causing this, I am now investigating the issue and I will provide a patcher in 48 hours.

Again, I am very sorry about the firmware issue, I check every key on every assembled board to make sure that all keys are working but I guess the lag and delay somehow slipped pass the test since they won’t be noticeable unless someone is typing on it instead of pressing keys individually.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you are experiencing this issue, I will provide a solution in 48 hours that should be able to fix this.