porting the uniquek arduino code over to arduino 1.5.8, meaning there will be native API support. creating new keyboard driver “animus” allowing other programmers to write extensions

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hey everyone, i am currently porting the uniquek arduino IDE over to a newer version, which would allow native API support (hence, graphical user interface based key remapping/editing in the future)

i had to edit the keydriver2 series of drivers to get them to work with the new IDE, so i decided to modify it and add more functions whilst i am at it

new .ino files are added, named modstartup.ino and modloop.ino, these are index files that allows for dynamic loading of addon modules, the potential for this is limitless (well, limited by the atmega32u4’s onboard 2.5k memory)


the most important part about this migration is the fact that arduino 1.5.6+ has a built-in API, allowing other programs to interact with it, this means anyone could easily write a GUI interfacing software allowing easy modifications to the keyboard layouts, refresh rates, etc without writing any code

hey guys, things for the uniquek arduino IDE is running smoother than i thought! i will be releasing both the uniquek arudino IDE as well as the diverge firmware on 00:00 UTC+8!

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currently, i have it set such that people with at least some programming experience should be able to remap keys, change the baud rate, as well as set a loop delay easily! the program is ready and should be easy enough for use for most people, i am currently finishing up on documentation and licensing, i should be able to release the software and some documentation by 00:00 UTC+8, 14th of janurary!


UniqueK Arduino Keyboard IDE to be released on the 15th, this is a newbie friendly IDE for programming keyboards, including all uniquek keyboards

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Hello everyone! a lot of you will probably know that i have been working on a GUI heavy remapping software for the diverge, progress is slow and there are also other more imp0rtant tasks i have to deal with.

A lot of you have been asking for remapping capability, so, i hereby announces the UniqueK Arduino IDE, an open sourced (barely) forked version of the arduino 1.5.8 IDE that will act as a stopgap and developer tool until i get my software done.

The IDE should allow even newbies to remap keys and change the baud rate of the keyboard.

I will also release the source code to the 2.7 version of the firmware for the diverge keyboard, this firmware is the firmware currently running on all diverge keyboards.

Was very sick for a few days, all is well now

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Hey everyone! i just feel obliged to mention that i was sick for quite a long time and i may have missed some of your messages if you sent them to me from around 28th december to today

All is well now and i am now back at working on various things

Some pictures of the things that are already here and status update

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currently, 2 things are lacking as i am waiting for them to arrive/ship

  • the PCBs are shipped yesterday and should arrive within 1-3 days, anyone who did not purchase key caps or anyone who purchased the OEM PBT key caps should expect shipping within 4-5 days EDIT: the pcbs just arrived after i wrote this blog post, expect shipping for people who did not purchase ABS key caps within 3 days
  • the ABS key caps just started production due to hickups with my guy from the factory, i am terribly sorry about that, he promises to finish production by the weekend, sorry about this, but shipping for the people who purchased the ABS flat profile key caps will have to wait for around a fortnight

meanwhile, i thought i should share some photos of the things that have arrived

acrylic frame

the above is a large box containing the acrylic cases, in the middle, you will see a cylinder of mysterous badges, i will give out a free, unique terminus for the first person to be able to guess whats on the badge

key capsIMAG0124

here are the PBT key caps, like i said, i have no connections for ordering PBT key caps, so i had to order them retail and make my own set out of them, hence their pricy nature


here are the microUSB cables, 2 meters long, shielded with extra long tip

pro micro controllers

here we have a bunch of fresh, unopened and unprogrammed pro micro controllers

diverge pcbs

huge bunch of pcbs, my manufacturer boddy kindly vacuum sealed them in 2 packages