Software Update: New Arbites almost ready, adds macro, dual roles, mouse, LEDs, multiple input method support, rest of August batch getting shipped

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Hey, Here’s a quick update on the new Arbites development progress.

The entire Arbites software has been rewritten with added functionalities for macros, dual roles, mousing, and LED control, multiple OS level input method support (such as German/Nordic/Swedish keyboard input methods) have also been added.

This has been a long awaited update and I believe this is also the first program with GUI to have built-in handling of multiple input method support. The update on OS level input method support also means an overhaul in Animus’ HID keyboard module (which was completed 3-4 months ago), a lot of newer functions in the new Arbites requires the newer Animus firmware to be installed, so an Animus updater will be released alongside the official release for the new Arbites.

As always, the utilisation of Eto.Forms means the software is fully cross-platform like the current version of Arbites.

Here’s a screenshot for now, I’ll post more update once I am done sleeping



In other news, as the completion of everything software side is completed and that the invoicing system has been sorted out, shipping will progress and shipping emails shall be sent out within this week.



July Batch Update: batch shipping progressing as expected, keycap orders all getting shipped tomorrow.

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Hey, just a quick update, shipping for everything is running as expected, there was a slight accident with the invoice printing module and I had to clear the index and reprint all the invoices but everything else was fine.

Batch shipping is as expected, almost all DIY kits are packed and are waiting for the firmware upgrade.

I also recently started selling keycaps by themselves, and they are also getting shipped tomorrow.

July Batch Update: Animus firmware update impending, July batch shipping to be completed by next Monday.

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Hey, just a batch update on the July batch, everything is in progress except for some problems relating to orders with the “Cheap Flat ABS Keycaps” option, other than that, the hardware is ready for shipment. But I’ve elected to delay this month’s shipment by a few days in order to load the latest version of Animus onto the controllers of the existing orders.

This is a relatively major Animus update as the HID portion of the firmware has been completely rewritten, it’s mostly to do with how HID scancodes are handled and translated to OS outputted ASCII type characters, I’ll have another long arse post to talk about the impending Animus update soon™, sorry about not explaining it in-depth but I really need to hit the hay now after pulling some nights.

In the mean time here are some photos (*coughs something about unreleased product)







Cheers and signing off for bed.


Batch Update: July batch shipping starts! New keyboard designs coming

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Heh, it has been a while since I’ve done a blog post, I actually did a lot of work over the summer, should probably start posting more often.

Anyway, lets get right to it! July batch shipping is starting! It is expected to run throughout this week, for those of you who ordered a keyboard during July, please expect a shipping notification via email containing a tracking number.

I’ll post more shipping updates and photos throughout the week.

In other news, new keyboard designs are coming, a new iteration is set to be released this Friday, and another one next Monday, I’m really looking forward to talking more about it.

A new major Animus and Arbites update is also going to go live during the week, I’ve rewritten the HID keyboard module and did a lot of work on non-US ANSI layout settings on Arbites, the ability to configure and customise macros and other stuff like that are also getting added in, I’m also happy to announce that the new Arbites refactor is much cleaner than the previous version of Arbites.

Batch Update: Hospitalised on Thursday lead to slight delay on shipping, shipping should complete on Tuesday.

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Just a minor shipping update, I stayed overnight in the hospital from Thursday morning to Friday night due to perpetuating stomach/digestive track problems and had some checkups done (gastroscopy, CT scan, blood checkups), so I was unable to do any work on those days.

Pic from hospital:


It ended up not being a stomach problem and instead is a gut problem (duodenum) and I was put on dextrose IV solution for the two days without being allowed to eat stuff to rest my digestive track.

Anyway, I went home on Friday night and resumed work for the following days, pic below:


I got all the DIY kits packed and ready to go, I’ll do the pre-assembled orders tomorrow and ship them the day after. I’ll probably record the whole thing with a head mounted Go-Pro.

Batch Update: All parts arrived, shipping for May batch starts this week and is expected to finish this Saturday, in other news, zero spaced chars are the devil.

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All parts including the acrylic cases have finally arrived, yay, packing, assembling and shipping would progress throughout this week.

I was working on some software during the mean time, I just wasted all day trying to debug this, it ended up being an actual invalid string because there’s a zero-space character hidden in there.



Lesson learned, fuck zero-spaced characters and remember to sanitise yo paths.