porting the uniquek arduino code over to arduino 1.5.8, meaning there will be native API support. creating new keyboard driver “animus” allowing other programmers to write extensions

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hey everyone, i am currently porting the uniquek arduino IDE over to a newer version, which would allow native API support (hence, graphical user interface based key remapping/editing in the future)

i had to edit the keydriver2 series of drivers to get them to work with the new IDE, so i decided to modify it and add more functions whilst i am at it

new .ino files are added, named modstartup.ino and modloop.ino, these are index files that allows for dynamic loading of addon modules, the potential for this is limitless (well, limited by the atmega32u4’s onboard 2.5k memory)


the most important part about this migration is the fact that arduino 1.5.6+ has a built-in API, allowing other programs to interact with it, this means anyone could easily write a GUI interfacing software allowing easy modifications to the keyboard layouts, refresh rates, etc without writing any code