Sick from Influenza and intestinal infections, there may be delays in email responses but there should be no significant delays with batch shipping progress

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Those of you who emailed or messaged me about the batch progress probably know by now, I’m just making an announcement so the rest could know too.

I’ve been down with the flue and intestinal infections (its really just diarrhea) ever since returning to Hong Kong and has been feeling really unwell for the past few days, I don’t have any diet for food, have vomited and have been shitting liquid for the past few days whilst being super light headed so needless to say, most work was stopped, sorry about that.

That being said there shouldn’t be much significant delays that weren’t caused by the Taiwan trip, most of the March-April orders were shipped, I just don’t have the health to deal with sending out the tracking number emails at the moment, I’ll have them dealt with shortly, assembled Diverge 3 orders might take slightly longer (1 to 2 days) to get shipped but other than that the other orders should be good to go.


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