slight delay in the shipping time for the terminus mini

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Sorry guys, all components for the terminus mini has arrived except for one thing, so i am still waiting on them to arrive before i could ship the terminus minis

the following are a list of components that i ordered, bolded ones have arrived

  • Acrylic case
  • Switches
  • Controllers
  • USB cables
  • USB cable Fasteners
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Key caps

i ordered the components on the 25th, but the USB cables have yet to arrive, i am currently only waiting on the USB cables, i contacted my supplier and he said the shipment should arrive in 1 or 2 days

again, i am terribly sorry about the delay, meanwhile, i have some pictures on the materials to share

some people ordered the assembly services, so i did all of them whilst i am waiting on the cables

built keyboard

here are the switches and the controllers (in the small box)


the acrylic cases, my supplier packed them in a surprisingly well manner