Software dev blog: New arbites to be released tomorrow, feature complete port for windows, linux, and mac available.

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I cannot work on the website for now since I’ve handed it off to the freelance contractor to fix some bugs, so I’ve decided to put more work into Arbites, and good news, I’ve actually completed the new Arbites (Innova version 1.2) which now utilises Eto.Forms instead of the old mono winforms port.

It is set to be released tomorrow where I will work on the instructions and aptitude repo before releasing it, but for those of you who are more technical minded, feel free to check out the source code here, its under a permissive license so feel free to mess around with it if you want.

Some brief ramblings on the difference between this version and the old Arbites:

  • Platform specific code for serial port filtering added (AKA: hundreds of ports won’t show up for UNIX users)
  • UI improvements for Diverge TM and Terminus Mini (the space keys are now 2u)
  • Vast UI improvements for POSIX systems (Linux/mac/etc) via the use of Eto.Forms
  • Added more keys to the key menu
  • Bugfix for “all layer” type keys such as the Fn key
  • General UI bugfixes

Do note that layout files from the old version of Arbites (Arbites Innova 1.0) will no longer be compatible, I’ve changed the file extension for them to reflect that.