Software Update: Arbites 2-3-5 now available, brings along German, UK, Swedish, Danish input method displays and numerous bugfixes.

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A new version of Arbites is available, you could get it here! Here’s the official release notes, I’ve copied and pasted them below:

This patch is mostly a bugfix patch but also includes addition of several input method displays.

New Features:

  • Added UK input method display.
  • Added German input method display.
  • Added Swedish/Danish input method display.
  • Software now replaces previous version of input methods in non-portable versions of Arbites if a new version of Arbites is ran.


  • Sticky keys were misplaced in another tab in the key menu, it is now fixed.
  • Other keys were misplaced, it is now fixed.
  • The tapdance editor did not load the timeout configuration properly, it is now fixed.
  • Layer counts in the secondary side on split keyboards were not configured properly if there were more than 3 layers, this is now fixed.

Known Issues:

  • Certain Mac OS users were unable to run the mac bundle under Mac OS Sierra, a temporary workaround is available by downloading and running the Linux version of Arbites instead.