UniqueK Arduino Keyboard IDE to be released on the 15th, this is a newbie friendly IDE for programming keyboards, including all uniquek keyboards

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Hello everyone! a lot of you will probably know that i have been working on a GUI heavy remapping software for the diverge, progress is slow and there are also other more imp0rtant tasks i have to deal with.

A lot of you have been asking for remapping capability, so, i hereby announces the UniqueK Arduino IDE, an open sourced (barely) forked version of the arduino 1.5.8 IDE that will act as a stopgap and developer tool until i get my software done.

The IDE should allow even newbies to remap keys and change the baud rate of the keyboard.

I will also release the source code to the 2.7 version of the firmware for the diverge keyboard, this firmware is the firmware currently running on all diverge keyboards.