Weekly Update #1: Diverge Mini/TM and new mysterious keyboard development

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hello and welcome to the first weekly update! i am still figuring out how the weekly updates should work so lets see how it goes


im proud to announce the diverge mini/terminus mini diverge (name not set), it is basically a split terminus mini with neodymium magnets in the connecting part, allow the two parts to magnetically snap together but also separate into two halves, the design is relatively easy, so you could expect a prototype by the end of this month and the product available at the november sales

shitty rendition

term diverge mini




i am also¬†working on two new keyboard projects, but i want to focus on and finish the relatively easy split terminus mini design first, this new project is very ambitious and will mark a radical change in unique keyboard keyboard designs, here’s a quick preview, some of you will surely be able to tell what it is, but a prototype will probably take like 2-3 months



here are some unrelated update stuff

i am still figuring out the video updates, currently, they are set to be uploaded every sunday, it should be fun to make those

arbites is currently on schedule and should be available in/by the end of wednesday american time