Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: UniKeyboard runs in an “order this month, get it next month” system where the keyboards are delivered 1-2 months after the order.

Q: What shipping company do you use?

A: All products are shipped via Hong Kong Post, only various types of air mail and parcel are used, no surface shipping is utilized.

Q: Where do you ship from?

A: I ship from Hong Kong where I live

Q: I ordered the DIY kit, do I have to flash the microcontroller on my own?

A: No, all kits are shipped with the firmware pre-flashed and a default QWERTY layout loaded onto the controller boards.

Q: I ordered the DIY kit and messed up something, could you help me?

A: Yes, please send an email to and I should get back to you within 24 hours, if I did not reply within 24 hours, then please send me another email

Q: What special tools do I need to assemble the DIY kit?

A: You only need a soldering iron and some solder, something like a solder sucker could also be helpful, everything else is included in the kit.

Q: Is the design of your DIY keyboards open source?

A: All software, including the firmware and the GUI remapper, Animus and Arbites are open source under a permissive license (Apache 2.0) and is hosted on GitHub. The hardware design is closed source.

Animus Related:

Q: Is the layout of my UniKeyboard keyboard remappable?

A: Yes, all keyboards using the Animus firmware is fully remappable and has a companion GUI remapping software known as Arbites.

Q: Do I have to reflash the firmware to remap my UniKeyboard keyboard?

A: No, Animus’ innovative use of EEPROM persistent memory means that there is no need to reflash the firmware when you wish to remap your keyboard or reset macros.

Split Keyboard Related:

Q: Is this two separate keyboards or a single keyboard?

A: By default, the two sides are interconnected by a TRRS cable and is treated as a single keyboard by the operating system, that being said, they could also act as two separate keyboards if need be.

Q: How are the two sides connected?

A: An interconnection is made via the use of TRRS cables.

Q: Does the two sides talk to each other?

A: Yes, they talk to each other via I2C at a polling rate higher than the debounce delay.

Backlight Related (3rd Generation Devices: Diverge 3, Diverge TM 2, Temrinus Mini 2, Terminus 2, Felix):

Q: Is the backlight adjustable?

A: Yes, the backlight could be adjusted up to 256 levels of brightness, individual LEDs could not be adjusted.

Q: Is the backlight RGB?

A: No, the backlight is a single colour type.

Q: How is the backlight powered? Does this keyboard require more than 1 USBs to power the LEDs?

A: The LEDs are powered by a n-channel MOSFET with pulse-width-modulation  and protected by current limiting resistors.

Q: What type of LEDs work with the keyboard?

A: The LEDs provided with the kit are 2x3x4 box type LEDs. but standard 3mm LEDs  also work.