Diverge 3 (Phased out, please check Diverge 4)

Bye bye wrist pain.

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Diverge 3 (Phased out, please check Diverge 4)


Please note that the Diverge 3 has been phased out, please check out the Diverge 4 instead.

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The beginning, the flagship product of UniKeyboard, the Diverge 3 is an ergonomic split keyboard with comfort as its first priority. Type on the Diverge 3 for any length of time and you will realise the brilliance of minimal finger travel, preventing RST, wrist pain, and general uncomfort. With individual LEDs illuminating each switch, you could rest assure that you will be able to use the Diverge 3 in the dark. The onboard Atmega32u4s provide all the power needed for a keyboard and more whilst allowing for Arduino compatibility, giving an ease of customisation. The Animus firmware enabled a wide variety of features, no more firmware reflashing for changing keymappings, fully NKRO capable even in boot mode, and more! By being available with or without the wrist rest, you will be able to use the Diverge 3 regardless of desk space restrictions.

Key Switch Type Genuine Cherry MX or Gateron
Number of Keys 72 (36 per side)
Max Number of Layers 8
Keycap Compatibility 72 1u keys

or 68 1u keys + 4 1.25u keys

Fully compatible with 104 key ANSI keysets

Interface USB
Rollover NKRO/6KRO togglable
Dimensions Without wrist-rest: 180mm x 175mm x 20mm per side

With wrist-rest: 180mm x 226mm x 20mm per side

Switch Resting Height 11mm
Controller Pro Micro / Atmega32u4
Firmware Animus
Interconnect Type I2C via TRRS cable
Cable Type Replaceable microUSB to USB cable


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: UniKeyboard runs in an “order this month, get it next month” system where the keyboards are delivered 1-2 months after the order.

Q: I ordered the DIY kit, do I have to flash the microcontroller on my own?

A: No, all kits are shipped with the firmware pre-flashed and a default QWERTY layout loaded onto the controller boards.

Q: What special tools do I need to assemble the DIY kit?

A: You only need a soldering iron and some solder, something like a solder sucker could also be helpful.

Q: Is the design of this keyboard open source?

A: All software, including the firmware and the GUI remapper, Animus and Arbites are open source under a permissive license (Apache 2.0) and is hosted on GitHub. The hardware design is closed source.

Animus Related:

Q: Is the layout of the keyboard remappable?

A: Yes, all keyboards using the Animus firmware is fully remappable and has a companion GUI remapping software known as Arbites.

Q: Do I have to reflash the firmware to remap my keyboard?

A: No, Animus’ innovative use of EEPROM persistent memory means that there is no need to reflash the firmware when you wish to remap your keyboard or reset macros.

Split Keyboard Related:

Q: Is this two separate keyboards or a single keyboard?

A: By default, the two sides are interconnected by a TRRS cable and is treated as a single keyboard by the operating system, that being said, they could also act as two separate keyboards if need be.

Q: How are the two sides connected?

A: An interconnection is made via the use of TRRS cables.

Q: Does the two sides talk to each other?

A: Yes, they talk to each other via I2C at a polling rate higher than the debounce delay.

Backlight Related:

Q: Is the backlight adjustable?

A: Yes, the backlight could be adjusted up to 256 levels of brightness, individual LEDs could not be adjusted.

Q: Is the backlight RGB?

A: No, the backlight is a single colour type.

Q: How is the backlight powered? Does this keyboard require more than 1 USBs to power the LEDs?

A: The LEDs are powered by a n-channel MOSFET with pulse-width-modulation  and protected by current limiting resistors.

Q: What type of LEDs work with the keyboard?

A: The LEDs provided with the kit are 2x3x4 box type LEDs. but standard 3mm LEDs  also work.

Ergonomic Split Layout

The Diverge 3 utilises a full split layout with the keys mapped to the hand, providing the best typing experience possible on a flat keyboard. Don’t compromise for mediocrity, shoot for the stars. The combination of Animus and the ergonomic layout means that we could all say good bye to wrist pain.

NKRO Enabled

72 Keys

Up to 8 Layers

Animus Firmware

The soul of the keyboard.

UniKeyboard’s own in house firmware is tailor made for the on-board Atmega32u4 microcontroller, unlocking all of its potential. With NKRO, fully customisable keybinding, macros, media keys, FN, spaceFN, dual-role keys, and more.

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Animus Firmware
104 Key Keycap Set Compatible

104 Key Keycap Set Compatible

Feel no hassle when looking for keycaps.

By having 72 1u keys, the Diverge 3 is fully compatible with any 104 key keycap sets, bath in the comfort of knowing that obtaining keycaps for your Diverge 3 does not require you to order customised keysets for astronomical prices.

Full Backlight Now Available

Let there be light.

Each individual key could be illuminated by a LED with the colour of your choosing, with up to 256 levels of brightness, you could customise your backlight however you like it.

Full Backlight Now Available